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CBTL Tanzania
Adopting the Tinga Tinga Art style, we created this campaign with a new way of interpreting nature elements such as animals, plants (including coffee plants), scenery and the people — introducing a unique, passionate & interesting experience to impress CBTL’s audience.
“Precious Is The Night” poster
"Precious Is The Night" has been the first-ever Singaporean film that's selected by the Singapore Film Commission as the nation's entry to 2022's Academy Awards in the Best International Feature Film category.
The Global Innovation Immersion is a 3-month overseas summer internship to shape entrepreneurial-minded, open-minded, and enjoy working in a fast-paced start-up environment.
Philips Air Sales Kit
This sales kit is created for use in Thailand. We made this with an editorial approach focusing on the projected data, integrating data elements, illustrated in visual-rich graphics.
HHS houses an immense library of knowledge regarding the batching/civil engineering industry. We took inspiration from the concrete plant by using concrete elements with rich texture and impression, position the brand as a vital link to professionalism.
Aorui Milk
Aorui Milk (China) is a beverage brand targeting mass markets, especially families. In keeping with this progressive, active and cheerful brand, we created a mascot concept to appeal to the younger audience and children.
An Order of Bling
Rebranding for An Order of Bling — a delightful jewelry brand that celebrates the wit, soul, and artistry.
Beautyhope's rebranding embodied the values of self-care in a modern and inspiring way, focusing on the idea of 'recognizing your beauty within'.
Miriqa is a professional skin nutrition supplement brand, with a packaging design inspired by the audience who opt for the best for their skincare, from inside out.
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