Mao Wu

At the heart of the Mao Wu Hot Pot is a simple philosophy – to provide a haven of relaxation and comfort for diners after a long day at work. Designed with an ambiance reminiscent of a welcoming home.


To add to its amicability, a laidback mascot was created coupled with warm colours and a relatable personality~

The seating arrangement is thoughtfully designed with cushions varying in style across seats. This variation encourages diners to find their preferred spot – their “very own corner” within the space, enhancing the feeling of personal comfort and familiarity. Preserving the raw, unfinished look of ceiling beams, we embrace the beauty of imperfection, akin to the well-loved, lived-in feel of a home. These intentionally unfinished elements serve to mimic and celebrate the unique marks and signs of wear often found in our homes, adding an authentic touch to the setting.

Adding an element of fun and mischief, a mascot has been integrated into the space. This playful addition not only adds an element of surprise but also incites a sense of freedom and spontaneity that we often experience at home.

Ultimately, MaoWu Hot Pot Spatial aspires to be more than just a restaurant. It aims to be a space where guests can let their guard down, be themselves, and relish the warmth of a comforting, homely environment. It’s more than a place to eat; it’s a place to feel at home.