PinkPharm is an online marketplace of healthcare products for families and the elderly. We worked closely with this start-up from the brand’s early planning, to developing and designing an e-commerce platform selling multi-brand healthcare necessities. The aim is to serve the needs of active ages, caregivers, and care receivers. The brand also aims to support caregivers caring for family member(s) with chronic illness and/or requiring long-term care. 

Healthcare products have a rapidly developing market, which presented PinkPharm and our team with a new and highly-unique set of opportunities and challenges. The brand positions e-commerce as part of a regular routine; in a reassuring and accessible way. Therefore, the brand identity uses simple logotype to bring forth the idea of ‘a helping hand”, portraying positivity through modern and uplifting graphics and color palette.

“The identity centers on a positive and uplifting tone, with a helping hand embedded in the letter to symbolise accessibility and care.”