Bundies is the first apparel company selling men’s underwear with a subscription model in Singapore. They know that buying underwear online is nothing new, so that building a brand on e-Commerce space with fun personality has to become relevant.

Millennials value authenticity and prefer experiences over products. They have a high filter for common marketing gimmicks and connect with brands that share their values and interests. With a brand belief that ‘underwear should be eco-friendly & extremely comfortable’, we created a brand identity to allow millennials to live in with their underwear, instead of just wearing them.

We worked alongside the team at Bundies to establish a strategy aligned with the brand’s ambition and their audience’s desires, we brought their personality forward to establish an experience that expresses the brand’s point-of-view: ‘ wear them to experience true freedom.’

"Witty, interesting and great products are the brand's key personality. Best of all? They got you covered, comfortably.”